Monday, August 16, 2021


Well. Yes. I am still here. I am fine. I am fully vaccinated. I am working from home at the same job. My parents are alive and my mom is well and safe in Seattle. My dad's Alzheimer's is now advanced, he is mostly non-verbal and bedridden. I went to see them both in May 2021 as soon as it felt safe to travel. I had some tension with B1 about all kinds of things, which doesn't feel completely resolved, but we talked. 

The biggest news of all (?) is that we moved. I sold the condo. I cannot fully believe it even though we've been in the new house for a month. This move was one of the hardest times of my life. I was very low and despairing. I do feel better now. We have unpacked probably 90% of the living spaces. There are some books in the attic. Jimmy has occupied the basement (per our plan) but is slowly getting it sorted out. We didn't go far--just across the DC line to Silver Spring but the change in location caused me a bit of an identity crisis. This blog goes back to the early days of when I moved to the condo. It didn't feel like I would ever leave. The neighborhood completely changed around me. I loved so much about it, despite all the drama with the neighbors. But--I closed on Friday and it's a done deal. I cannot go back. The new neighborhood is quieter but still an easy walk to a "downtown" area and a metro stop. It's hillier but still bikeable. I am starting to feel ok with it. We are starting to cook and really "live" in the house. I got yard furniture--the back yard is big and grassy, with some nice trees and a little landscaping at the edges. We have a small porch and a sliding glass door that opens on to it right from the dining area. We have 1 1/2 baths! Lots of little things and some big things to do...but it's all fine. It's all working out. And it's all mine. 

Grateful for: a new house and a good life. 


  1. I'm so happy for this update, primarily because you're okay, but mostly because I'm happy to hear of your new life! I hope it's really wonderful for you (and I hope it's not weird that I'm invested in this as a reader, but I am).

    1. Weird is relative. ;) Thanks for the caring--it's amazing that anyone is still reading this old blog!


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