Saturday, April 25, 2020

Same old

It's harder than you might think to keep a pandemic diary. Life has a certain sameness to it. Not just in the sense that time blends more seamlessly now but also in the sense that my life hasn't changed that much. I still have to work. I keep a more or less regular schedule. I goof off--but I did that at the office too. I sometimes start late due to exercise or end early to take a bike ride or join a virtual yoga class. (Aside: I had three yoga classes left on a ten-class pass so I used them in one week due to procrastination. Not a fan of live virtual yoga but it wasn't terrible. I may do it again.) But some days, I work a normal, full day. I worked pretty much all day yesterday because I got into a groove with a project and made a lot of progress. The big changes for me are no socializing, no movies, and no coffee shops. Sure, I went to museums and theater every few months, and I miss that too. I didn't go to bars often--though I still had my birthday celebration in a bar this year.

My plans for exercise are more ambitious than I have been able to fulfill but I'm still doing something most days. It's more like two bodyweight workouts a week and two bike rides, but that's better than zero. Other days, I take a walk, and often bring Jimmy along. He complains but then is happy to be out walking. We're doing a pretty good job limiting our grocery store runs to about twice a week and only one store each time. I got really antsy on Wednesday and made a quick stop at Whole Foods and picked up a sushi lunch. That felt kind of normal. Usually we cook (Jimmy cooks, I help), but once or twice a week we get carry-out and more rarely, delivery. I've been baking bread about once a week, which is something I've always meant to do but never made the time for. Now it's easy to fit into a normal workday and doesn't take up much time on the weekend. The weekends are a long bike ride one day, a long walk the other. Maybe a big cleaning job--we have washed most of the windows and Jimmy mowed the lawn two weeks ago (time to do it again!). We also weeded the back patio and cleaned the back parking lot a few weeks ago. Then the weekend is also watching a lot of movies on the Criterion Channel or catching up on a tv series. Life for us isn't bad. In some ways I don't want it to change. I get anxious when I think about going back to my normal commute. I am a little frustrated with myself that I'm not doing more biking. I was hoping to use this time to get in better shape for a full bike commute someday. But I've read and I agree that we shouldn't put too much pressure on ourselves in this time of uncertainty. We don't know what's going to happen, when it will end, how things will change. Trying to change ourselves in the midst of that kind of tension is perhaps too much.

Grateful for: about as normal a life as could be expected.


  1. I hope that you're doing in okay. I've read your blog since the beginning and it occurred to me that you stopped posting during the pandemic. I hope you've survived it all right and are well.

    1. I didn't see this comment until today! I've really been out of touch...but thanks for checking in. All is well, just busy.


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