Friday, March 20, 2020


I just read that we should keep a journal during this time. Seems like a good time to get back to the blog. No promises about keeping it up!

Before getting into my documentary mode, the big news is that "Jimmy" moved in with me in January. We definitely had some bumps and we're still having them, but we are working things out. Overall, I like having him around. He is a good person and he cooks. I just got back from a trip out west to see my folks (Seattle then Oakland) and while I was gone I realized that I don't love all of his recipes--but I talked to him about it, calmly, and he's already made adjustments!

I got back to DC on Monday (3/16). The world has changed so rapidly in just a few days. My company rolled out an optional work-from-home plan on Thursday. They were really focused on billable hours and I was really troubled. I knew this was all going to shift quickly. Jimmy's company said they'd be working 50% from home on Thursday. I just laughed and said give them an hour and it'll be 100%. Sure enough, within an hour (or two), it was 100% work-from-home starting Monday. By Monday, my company changed their tune as well. And so on and so on...

One of the new resident cats "help" me unpack.

Jimmy was almost an hour late getting me from the airport on Monday and I was so upset. It took quite a while for me to settle down. He was sorry but couldn't articulate a sincere apology. That just made me more upset. Sigh. On the way home from the airport, we stopped by my office so I could rescue my plants. I also picked up a few other things. A special chair I brought to work, a book, a journal...who knows when we'll be back. Oh, wait, I know! Next Tuesday I'm supposed to go in to pick up my new laptop. The company is going all laptop. I am supposed to go straight to my office where the laptop will be waiting. I do the set up, which takes an hour, then leave. Technically the office is open but with only a skeleton staff. When we go in we're supposed to avoid the conference rooms and only talk on the phone if we need help from IT. Maybe I'll bring a little spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and water to disinfect my desk area. I'd love to bike in...we'll see if that makes sense. I may end up driving.

As to the world on the ground, we went on a quick grocery run Tuesday morning. Whole Foods is next door so that's where we went. Rather more crowded than a typical Tuesday at 8am-ish. A lot of empty shelves in the cleaning supplies aisle but plenty of produce and other staples. Fresh meat and poultry was cleared out but we shopped the vegan meats with no problem. I got yogurt, fruit, and few other things. We're fine for at least a week. In fact, we got carry-out food the next night.

New range! Planned long before the current crisis.

On Wednesday we took a long walk around the neighborhood and down our main street (H ST NE). Lots of places were closed. Some where open, but per the Mayor's order, only for carry-out. We took note for future reference. We are making a list of all the places we like for eating out and plan to order once or twice a week. I also bought a gift card for the Jose Andres restaurants.
Sign from PowPow--a vegan fast-casual place.

Starbucks has cleared out all their furniture.

Yesterday, Thursday, I went for a bike ride in the early afternoon. About 45min, 7 miles. I saw a few people around. More cars than expected but fewer than usual.

Bartholdi Fountain

The two new resident cats! (My sweet Tabitha died about a year ago.)
It also got really warm on Thursday, so we opened up all the windows. The cats loved it!

Right now, both Jimmy and I are working from home. We're getting stuff done though I am way less productive than usual. That has nothing to do with where I'm working but rather the state of the world right now. I am so glad I'm not alone though! Hang in there everyone.

Grateful for: a partner in these uncertain times.

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