Friday, October 18, 2019

Long time

I thought I hadn't posted for a few months. No. More like ten months. Geez. I'm still dating the new guy. Poor dude doesn't even have a blog name! I want to say "Jimmy" because our real names have some similarity, though not quite that much. He's really not a Jimmy but we can go with that for now.

I love having a boyfriend. I admit it! The public facing aspect is fantastic. I know it shouldn't matter. I've been pretty much at ease with traveling through my social world solo for approximately the last decade. I was often frustrated. I wanted more, but I made the most of my freedom and did what I wanted with my time. Now I have a boyfriend and it's good! We are a good team. He is at my place more often than I'm at his and he cleans up and helps me out without fussing and often without even being asked. I do more fussing at him than I would like but the roughest spots we have are mostly smoothed out. I am mostly happy and things are mostly good. He is as sweet, kind and generous as always. I think the thing that gets us in the most trouble is that he never says what he wants--it's always about what makes me happy. Why, you might ask, is that a problem? Well, it means that he never makes a decision or voices a strong preference--what movie to see, where to have dinner, what to watch on TV, when to go to bed even!--so it's always on me to decide the little things and it gets overwhelming. I want to honor his desires--but he's so used to self-abnegation  that half the time he doesn't even know what they are--or claims not to have any. Seems like a weird thing to argue about, but there you go. Also he still sometimes trips into mansplaining, but we don't fight about it anymore. And so much apologizing about nothing--my strategy is to either say "you're welcome" when he apologizes unnecessarily or ignore it. This has led to him saying "you're welcome" to me when I apologize! I am trying to come up with a different more nonsensical response so we can go back to using "you're welcome" for its original purpose.

I have met his ex-wife--she is a cool, interesting person. I have met some of his relatives in upstate New York. Everyone loves him and it was great to see them show him so much affection. Jimmy is a good person and I am lucky to have him in my life.

Work continues. Mostly fine, sometimes frustrating. I think if we had universal health care, I might quit! But it's good to have something to do and sometimes it's even interesting.

I am biking a fair amount. Yoga seems to go in phases. I'm in a non-yoga phase now since I used up my last pass and I'm about to go on a 10-day trip. I may start up again when I return. Of course, I could do a home practice...and I should.

Life is pretty even now. The world is mad but I'm not!

Grateful for: things being pretty good.

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