Friday, May 11, 2018


Yesterday, I forgot to post. I remembered but then decided it was too early in the day and I would do it later. And then I forgot. So here I am, trying to figure out what I should be grateful for. Yesterday, I worked at home and I did work pretty much the full day. I had plans in the evening but then B2 (brother) called and I got lazy and skipped my plans. I wasn't meeting anyone, just going to an event in the neighborhood that sounded fun, but oh well. B2 wanted to borrow money to help pay off the bills from his youngest daughter's divorce. She was only married about a year--about a year ago! It's for the best and I sent him the money on the spot. He paid me back last time when I lent him money for the wedding. Will he pay me back this time? I mean, that would be nice, but I can afford it and what am I saving it for anyway? Am I becoming the bank of B2? Sigh.

Grateful for: making some small adjustments to my folding bike that made the ride a ton more comfortable.

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