Monday, August 28, 2017

Good morning

I’m giving this bizarre “regular blogging” thing a go. At least I am today! The weekend was pretty uneventful. I was still tired and pretty out of it so I stayed close to home. I went to the farmer’s market on Saturday and then tackled the job of re-hanging some of my pictures in the living room. When I got the new TV and new furniture, I moved everything around and the art didn’t work where it was anymore. This is a job on my long-term list. I’ve been crossing things off and this was the next one. The first one I tackled was pulling my oldest bike from the basement, cleaning it up, and taking it to the shop to have a broken spoke repair. I did that a few weeks ago. That bike may be destined to go back to the basement, but at least it's rideable now. Also on the list—take the books I’m getting rid of to the used bookstore to sell and take my car to be fixed because of a recall notice. Those things are happening on Wednesday. Other things on the list:
  • Get rid of some of the shoes I don’t wear (I wear most of them occasionally, but it’s too many pairs)
  • Sort the old files I brought back from my old job. Some of those must be disposable.
  • Sort some of the junk living in my back room. I have a big organizer but it’s full of stuff I haven’t looked at in years—old cords, old maps. Some of the stuff is worth keeping but could be handled in a more “space saving” manner.

The files are the stuff of my nightmares, but they’re on the list and I will get around to them eventually. I feel a little better having the pictures mostly sorted out—I have to do some minor adjustments, but it’s more or less right. Friend Nancy came over for dinner—we went out—on Tuesday. She came back over on Saturday to help me with the pictures but we just hung out instead. Sunday, I did nothing. Well, I did some laundry. I did a lot of knitting. I did a lot of tv-watching (movies mostly). I did a lot of relaxing. I am still tired. I always feel tired. I don’t know if I’m sleeping poorly or just bored. I think I slept pretty well last night. I even decided to do the bike thing today. I carried the folder in on the train and I think I will ride all the way home. Last few times, I only rode half-way, but it was a lot hotter those days. Today it should stay under 80 so I think I can make the ride without getting too exhausted.

I also have a short-term list...but more about that tomorrow. 

Ok, now it’s time to get back to work. Get to work. Something like that. 

Grateful for: good biking weather.

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