Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ups and downs

I just published February's post today. Better late than never? I backdated it (nice feature) so in the story of my life that this blog represents, it will be in order.

The last few weeks and days have been mildly eventful. My birthday was meeting friends at a bar. It was a small group but I had a really good time. I went dancing after and drank a bit too much. Seemed about right.

My new bookshelves arrived and I had managed to sort all the books in time. I moved things around in the bedroom too and opened up the space a little. The books that are going are still boxed and waiting, but I don't feel bad about them. I have quite a lot of other paper I want to tackle...eventually, but the main living areas are super cozy right now. All my additions--including a new huge TV--seem to be working out. I had a friend over for dinner and it was really kind of perfect. Maybe I will have people over more often? Anything is possible.

I met a guy a week ago who seemed fantastic and I went into a full-on swoon over him. On our second date, last night, it's like I was with a different person. But I was the different person. I'm not entirely sure what happened. I managed to crush myself with a ton of false hope. But, I'll recover. I always do.

Right now, this minute, I'm sitting the brand spanking new Whole Foods that is less than a block from my house (if you leave by the back door). It's astonishing. The have some wonderful prepared food--I just ate a bowl of ramen--which I liked!--and drank a glass of wine at the little cafe. This is my view:

Grateful for: new people and new places. 

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