Friday, February 17, 2017


Another month, another post! I’m rolling along with not too much drama. I am starting to amp up my activism. I’ve been to two anti-immigration ban protests (last Sunday and yesterday). I’m going to an organizing meeting today and I’ve signed up for two more. Three different social justice groups with slightly different focuses. My plan is to pick one and stick with it. My other plan is to sort out my donation priorities and start writing checks/start monthly payments in the next few days. It’s been a long time since I did much serious activist work and I’m dreading all the meetings. Give me something to DO and I’ll do it. Sitting around talking for hours isn’t something I have a lot of patience for. I consider these first three meetings a test. All three groups are well-established so it shouldn’t be too much yakking about purpose or cause…but we’ll see. Maybe I will just stick to marching around and donating. We all do what we can.

On the personal front, my friendship with (friend) Dan still seems solid. We’re back to normal amounts of texting. Yesterday, we met up at the demonstration and had lunch after. It wasn’t awkward at all.

And, this fellow I was seeing last year, simultaneously with Marty, has reappeared. I don’t know if I mentioned him. Things ended poorly. I was very annoyed with him and he wasn’t delighted with me either. Yet, it’s not like things were terrible or anything, and in a lot of ways we were getting closer. In retrospect, a lot of what was wrong had to do with Marty, who even though he said he was fine with me seeing other people, really wasn’t. Like, not at all. Like, Marty was crazy jealous. Now that things are really, really over with Marty, I can try again with Ken (sure why not Ken?) and see how it goes. We got together this week and it went pretty well. I was a lot more relaxed with him and he was super chatty. I was surprised because he didn’t talk much at all the other times we were together. Again, he’s probably not got boyfriend potential, but I do like him, we have fun, and he really won’t be jealous if I see someone else. Not that I have any plans to do that…but if I meet someone who might be a more likely boyfriend, then I can date him too. And if I don’t, well, hello Ken!

What else? I think have completed my furniture kick for now. I got an estimate for built-in bookcases and I wasn’t impressed with the plan. However, that made the price for some high-end ready-made shelves seem very reasonable. I ordered them and they’ll come next week. The hard part is going to be sorting out all my current book collection, including the many, many that are stored in my bedroom, and getting rid of a lot of them. Pain is coming. I keep thinking I should nibble at this task, but I don’t do that well. I need to devote a full day to it next weekend. Pain. Then soon, I need to do the same thing for my wardrobe! One step at a time.

Grateful for: moving forward.

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