Monday, November 07, 2016

Feeling better.

I know it's been for-ev-er. I've been itching to write but it's harder for me to find time. What else do I do instead? A lot of Facebook interactions, for one. A lot of work. Some bike riding and outdoor activities. And a lot of just watching TV and knitting. Boring. I wonder if I should try and blog on the train to work? Hrm. Anyway.

I was home, in Seattle, for about a week a week or so ago. My mom had major surgery for cancer. Luckily, she is cancer-free and doesn't need any follow-up radiation or chemo. Her recovery is going well but it's good I went out because she needed help. Not that it was easy to actually help her, but perhaps it's best not to dwell on all the ways it was difficult.

Instead, let's dwell on all the ways dating is difficult. I recently went out with a guy who I first met online about six years ago. We had a couple of dates and then I dismissed him. He was decent but pretentious and apt to explain a lot of stuff, including stuff I knew more about than he did. He got in touch with me again in January. We had two more dates, and then I gave up on him again. He was still moderately attractive and very annoying. And then, two weeks ago, he emailed me again. He'd heard me on a podcast where I had a guest appearance. We had another first date that went ok. Then a second date yesterday, that ended with a plea from me for him to stop explaining really obvious things to me. He was super frustrated with that, and while he said I wasn't wrong, he also said, "you're like a bulldog--you just won't let it go!" And he's right, I won't. I don't think I can get used to it or laugh at it, especially since we couldn't seem to progress from talking about work and career stuff to anything more intimate. I tried with him again because he's a decent human and interested in a real relationship, but we just aren't suited.

I have another story to tell, but I'm going to put it in another post! Stay tuned.

Grateful for: Mom's good health.

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