Tuesday, September 06, 2016


Sorry I haven't updated after that last entry. I recovered from my trip. I'm feeling ok. I've been to Seattle and California since and seen my mom and dad. Mom is fine, but mercurial as always. Dad is about the same, though possibly slipping ever so slightly. He and his wife are in their old folks building now and it's pretty depressing. It's a nice place and the food is good. They were able to reserve an apartment for me and the privacy was appreciated. Their apartment is very pleasant--two bedrooms, a full (unused) kitchen, and big living room/dining room space. The problem is that it's such a small world. They are right near a park and a lake. The park is ok, not wonderful. The lake is pretty but also pretty small. The building has activities of the old folks variety. I think I'm against this kind of living arrangement. The place is pleasant, the people are nice and friendly, but where are the young people? The middle-aged people? The children? It's also an incredibly white place. The only residents of color were Asian. Most of the staff was latino/a and a few were black. I didn't spot a single black or hispanic resident. My stepmother seems happy. My dad seems resigned. I think the move was a mistake for him but maybe it was good for her.

On the happy side, I am starting to enjoy my job. Several of the projects are interesting. I'm managing, informally, a couple of staff members and I really like that. I am getting along with my direct boss, and that's a good feeling. Work stuff is working out well. I'm also stepping up my social life--or trying to. I've signed up for swing dance lessons again--it's been a long time since I was dancing. Too long. I've also gotten into a pretty good morning exercise routine, started when I visited Seattle. To really make it work, I need to get up a little earlier, but at least I have a good (moral) reason for being late to the office.

Grateful for: liking my job.

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  1. I sometimes wish I could live in one of those homes like my in-laws do. I love jigsaw puzzles, esp if other people work on them while I sleep, I like the lectures, card games are fun, and I like ordering off a menu instead of cooking. I could handle it! My in-laws are near Pittsburgh and there's some diversity in their home. But it's not easy to see our parents getting older, I agree with you there...


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