Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Where in the world?

I'm on the road again. At the moment, I'm in Tel Aviv, visiting my good old friend Spesh. Before this, I was in Paris for a few days. I have pictures and eventually I'll get some posted.

Things are good here. It's too hot. I'm surviving Spesh's vegan diet--I don't eat meat around him but when we eat out I'm merely vegetarian. Israel is actually a good place to be vegan-- falafel, hummus, and most of the salads don't have eggs or dairy. He keeps telling me he "eats well." I have to take his word for that.

I am here for a wedding. My youngest and last remaining Israeli niece is getting married on Sunday. I'm sad and happy. The great-niece/nephew count is up to 15. Two more are in utero.

I head to Jersualem tomorrow morning. I will be shuffling around a bit. I am renting a car and will be the shuttle service for my dad and stepmother. Dad really can't drive anymore. I'm happy to help but dreading the driving a bit. Jerusalem traffic and street patterns are difficult. I have driven there quite a bit but it was really nice when I could trade off with Dad. It's no picnic getting old for any of us.

Another niece is having problems that she confided to a sister but is now denying. When my brother (B2) confronted her, she stopped speaking to him. I'm wading into this a bit but I'm not going to confront her. I called her directly and plan to visit her tomorrow afternoon. My idea is to listen and be her friend. Maybe I can build a bridge back to her parents? I wish this weren't happening...but I'm here and I'm going to try and do my bit.

Grateful for: fortitude.

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  1. I think aunts are great ears, and occasionally bridges! Hope you can at least let her know there are people who will listen and who care.


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