Sunday, May 01, 2016

To spend or not to spend

I just got a new iPad. I probably didn't need it but it's pretty sweet. The reason was so I could use the handwriting capabilities. Steve Jobs may be turning over in his grave, but the new stylus (the Apple Pencil) is amazing. I tried a stylus on my old iPad and it just didn't work very well. I prefer to take handwritten notes and now I can--on my iPad! This is truly the paperless future--probably. 

So that was real money. As much as a computer. Anyway, so I go to load my blogging app--and it no longer exists. I was using Blogsy--but it turns out they have stopped developing it and you can't get it in the iTunes store. Sad! The developers couldn't get it to work with the most recent iOS and couldn't make money--they folded up shop. Blogger has an app--or they did. It's gone too. Wordpress has an app but then I'd have to convert the entire blog to much work for a blog I post on once a month! Finally, I found the app I'm using now, BlogPad Pro. We'll see if it works.  So, first big purchase--the iPad.

Next, I've been thinking about a fancy folding bike. It's a good idea, almost positive I'd use it a lot but it's real money and I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger.

Then I look around my house. I got this beautiful mid-century modern sofa set a few years ago but I don't love it. It's not comfortable for sitting. It wiggles. It's ok but not for me. It came with a coffee table and two end table--I don't need all that. The room is too full. I want a change. But then there are so many decisions to sofa. New coffee table. What to do with my second sofa (yes, I have two now)...

And I need a new rug. The one I have in the living room is too small for the space.  A while ago, a friend suggested I get some built-in bookcases in the dining area. She's right. It's a good idea. But another decision.

How long will be here? Am I accepting this forever single life as my fate? But if I move in a year, it won't have hurt to put a few grand into making the place more comfortable.  I have the money--I'm lucky. I can afford all these changes. I pretty much know what I like. I could do it. But how do I get myself to start? 

Grateful for: options.

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