Saturday, May 07, 2016


I got up early this morning to watch the USS Barry leave its slip on the Anacostia River. It took three blue tugboats to get the Barry turned in the right direction and moving towards the bridge. Apparently the Barry’s engines don’t work because these three tugs were pushing and pulling it all the way. Not sure the final destination. A lot of folks came out and I met up with a small group of bicyclists to watch the towing.
USS Barry Departing Navy Yard
Sorry for the mediocre iPhone photography.

I looped back to the favorite local coffee shop, where I am now. Next is the farmer’s market and then home for a “condo work day.” A few hours of clearing trash and pulling weeds around the property with my neighbors. We did this once last year and it was good. And the rest of the day? Who knows. Take a nap? Go to a movie? 

In general, things are going well. I picked up another assignment at work and now I’d say I’m comfortably busy. Dating…there is a little. I had a proper date this week, in fact. He was enthusiastic but I wasn’t. Marty still lingers but we’re talking less and that’s good. I feel ok. Kind of level, even, calm. I’ll take it. Oh, and it looks like I’m going to Israel in June. Dad is going and asked me to join so I will. Will I try and stop in London or Paris on the way? How long will I stay? Gotta decide and get my tix today or tomorrow! That does stress me out a bit, but it’s a good problem to have. 

Grateful for: the calm. 

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