Sunday, August 23, 2015


When was I here last? Over two years ago, for a meeting, for the old job. I came to the same coffee shop where I'm sitting now...or maybe that was the trip before, for the first in that series of two (?) meetings. I love Chicago. It's beautiful--the architecture is beautiful. I won't really go beyond the Loop on this visit, but that's ok. I'm at a conference--my professionl association conference--and I'm enjoying it. I'm foretting my stupid job. I'm under strict orders not to think about work and not to do any work. And I'm not. Screw it. I am hoping against I hoping? I think I'm hoping...that I get the offer of the job in Seattle. The interview was on Tuesday, not even a week ago, so I don't expect to hear anything yet. I'm such a perfect candidate, it's kind of absurd.

Here, at the conference, I've told a couple of people that I'm looking around for something new. The first person gave me her card and said to get in touch. The other, an old but not close grad school friend, said she'd keep her ears open for me. That sounds vague but from her, not really. Mom was right, I had to be here at this conference, keeping those connections alive, making new ones, putting the word out. If I do nothing else, that's enough.

I will do something else, though. It's Sunday and I'm going to some sessions this morning. This afternoon, I've decided to rent one of the shared bikes and take a ride by the lake. Tonight, I'm going to an informal reception. Tomorrow, Monday, which I'm hoping won't be crowded, I will visit the Art Institute. I'll take in a session and go home.

This is my kind of silly vacation filled with thinking and early mornings--but free of work. It's ok. I'm doing ok.

Grateful for: a break

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