Saturday, April 25, 2015


This weekend, I have to work. It's ok. Well, it's not ok. The whole team was working so damn slowly, that the only way for me to meet a Monday deadline is to work over the weekend. Then again, that's why we set Monday or mid-week deadlines--to use the weekend if necessary. Never have a Friday deadline--your client isn't going to start reading anything on Friday unless you turn it in first thing, and maybe not then.

So, this weekend, I got up early, though not as early as I intended, and headed over to my favorite new coffee shop. I sat there for about two hours, interspersing my editing with facebook browsing and random internet reading.  I can never just do one thing. I switch back and forth to reduce the drudgery of what is an extreme editing task. Did I mention that most of my job seems to be editing? Well, managing--moving the pieces around--and then editing other people's work. I guess that's ok. I'm pretty good at it. Who thought that the major qualification I'd bring to bear on my career as a social scientist is my English degree? I don't think being an English major taught me to write--I was an English major because I was a good writer. Now my creative writing classes probably turned me into a better writer. Not a better creative writer (though maybe that too) but better at the technical aspects of writing--the grammar, syntax, construction, etc. The level of writing of my team is...poor. A lot of it is poor because I'm seeing first drafts and not everyone is a good first draft writer. And when we work on these deadlines, there's not time for people to go back and edit.  That's where I come can be really challenging to fix someone else's poor construction.  Half the time, you're guessing at what they meant and the wrong edit can completely change the meaning of something. So, ideally, the original authors should have the final review, to confirm that your edits didn't alter the substance. We just hardly ever have time for it, but I do it whenever possible. I know our subcontractor would like to hand us their work and never have me touch it and never hear from me again but their work is so crummy that I have to make a ton of edits every single time. And do they allow time for a final review? Never.  Damn. I so want off this terrible project. Hold it together, lady! Yes, I can do this. It's not like I have anything better to do this weekend...sigh.

Grateful for: excellent writing skills.


  1. Our trainer once posed a FB question, what is your superpower? And I answered: proofreading. Your job sounds like it has elements of my dream job, though I'm guessing it might get old quickly. Good luck with the interview you had last week!

    1. I wonder if my job is anyone's dream job? Maybe, though the current status of things cannot be anyone's dream. What is my superpower? I have no idea! I'm pretty good at telling a story. :)

      The interview is this week...I'm sure I'll write something about it. :)


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