Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lazy weekend

On Friday, I thought I might go to work on Sunday. It's Sunday and I'm thinking that's a terrible idea. Came out to Union Market again--don't do this every weekend, but it's one of my potential routines. The fellow at the coffee shop greeted me by name--nice! A few weeks ago, he asked my name and said, "I should know it by now." Well, I suppose since he's been working the same coffee shop (previously at a different branch) for over five years and I've been a customer longer than that, yes, it would be kind of nice if he remembered me. So now he does. But I don't know his name. I've never been one of those chatty customers that tries to make friends with the staff. I always say hello and make eye contact. Sometimes I chat if it's not too busy and I have something to say. Maybe next time I'll ask his name. About time, right?

At the coffee shop, I also saw a guy give a one dollar tip on a two dollar cup of coffee. Generous? Sure, but also lazy since he paid by credit card and the automated system that gives you the opportunity to tip starts with $1. Lazy.

And I'm also overhearing a long conversation about "wearables." Specifically, the Apple watch which, "no one is fucking interested in, you know what I mean?" No, tell me more. Wait, don't.

Next week is Passover and I'm gearing up for a tiny Seder. Right now it's three and may be as many as five. Small is good. But I still have to buy a lot of food and make ridiculous things because...because I do. I have no memory of it but I guess I had a small Seder last year. Who was there? Who can remember? Elizabeth, C-money, Pele? Well, that's who I've invited this year, plus a couple more who can't make it. It's fine. It'll be nice.

I am still going on the occasional date but I'm feeling discouraged. I'm a discouraged dater. I think I need to de-activate my accounts for a while. I never go out anymore and I don't find the opportunities to meet people "in real life." Maybe that's the problem? Also on the free site, about 90% of the contacts I get are from fake/scammer accounts. I'm pretty good at spotting them these days but that's also really discouraging! You can tell they're fake because if you ask a real question, say about politics, they won't answer or say "I don't have any politics" and then ask "what are yours?" I don't usually get that far in any of those convos, but that's the question I ask now and it really stumps them.

Work, work is pretty frustrating but I actually think it's going pretty well. I am doing what needs to be done but I'm not enjoying it very much. Still better than the old job! That's what I need to remember until I decide on my next steps.

It's getting chilly in here. I need to move.

Grateful for: a decent life.

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