Monday, December 29, 2014

10th Anniversary

Ten years. TEN YEARS. That's how long ago I started this blog. Kind of hard to believe. I was young once....haha!

I don't have too much to say today. I'm recovering from jet lag and the ends of the cold I picked up overseas. I had a good trip, despite the mild illness. The time with family was exhausting. Was it also a little sad? I sometimes get the feeling that I'm standing still and everyone else is moving on--but that's only true in the sense of husband and children. Things I very much want...still, by other measures, I have a good, full life. Lots of friends, a great place to live, all the material possessions I need, all the ones I desire (including a car, three bikes, tons of clothing, YARN, etc.), and many that are completely superfluous (car?, two of those bikes...).  I don't feel unhappy most of the time. I'm pretty even keeled with the odd ups and downs. Normal, I think.

Per usual, I don't have my New Year's plans settled. I do have a potential party, but haven't decided if I'll go yet--it may not be any fun and I barely know the hosts. I could see a movie in the neighborhood. I could go out to a bar on my own. Or I could skip it and stay home. The party will probably be the way to go, just in attempt to avoid becoming a total shut in.  It's hard to think about it since all I want to do (at 6:30pm!) is sleep. I will fight to stay up to 10pm tonight and then not be able to get out of bed in the morning. I think this week is going to be like that. Oh well.

While I was in Israel, one of my nieces suggested that I should marry Spesh and move to Israel. Pretty funny. What's funnier (maybe) is that she's not the only one who thinks I should get together with Spesh. My friend Alicia suggests it every time I see her. Nancy also agrees. I told Spesh, "My niece thinks I should marry you and move to Israel." He said, "Why would you move to Israel? That doesn't make any sense." I said, "Right. Of course. You should move to the States." He said, "Of course." A fictional marriage to one of my closest friends...that's about as serious as the dating gets around here!

Doubt I'll be writing I'll wish you a Happy New Year in advance!

Grateful for: my good life.

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