Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Life cycle

Other than my dissatisfying dating adventures, I have also been trying to pick up my cycling. I had visions of biking to work when I got my new job, but given the state of my fitness (mediocre) and the lack of convenient shower/changing facilities, I haven't managed it yet. I am taking at least one 15-mile or so ride on Saturday and usually riding at least five miles on Sunday...but that's not really doing it. I suppose it's better than nothing, but I'm so knocked out after my long rides that I know I have a long way to go.  I'm still doing my PT exercises at home and some push-ups and sit-ups, so I'm keeping up a little strength, but my stamina is low.

I want to start walking/jogging again in the mornings. I wake up early enough for this but I have a monstrously difficult time getting myself out of bed before 7am.  Today, I didn't manage that, but I still went ahead and took a nice half-hour walk starting around 7:15. When I got home, I did a few PT exercises, took a shower, and I still could've gotten to the office by 9:30, if only I hadn't started a whole project thing on my computer when I should've been heading for the door. Maybe tomorrow I'll do better.

For my longer bike rides, I've been joining low-pressure organized rides and it's ok. I am often the slowest person, but what can I do? It's vaguely social, which is part of the point. I don't usually have any of those silly dates on the weekend, and my social activities seem kind of thin these days. Not complaining but I can easily spend the whole weekend with minimal social interactions. This seems...unhealthy. So, I pick a bike ride for both the exercise, challenge, and necessity of talking to other humans.

The ride last weekend was quite fun until nearly the end when things started to drag and I realized that I had to hustle to make my next event. (Yes--a social event on a Saturday--it does happen!). The ride was sponsored by the DC Public Library and, in fact, this was the 5th Annual Tour de DCPL.  It was a 14-mile ride and we went from library to library, stopping and taking a look inside most of them. Some stops even had snacks. I was surprised by how much joy I experienced in those libraries. I do love the library, though I rarely visit these days.  Anyway, it was good fun. A bit slow placed (I was never left behind), but with a few hills for a bit of a challenge. I'd say we had maybe 30 riders, which was just about enough for my taste. Those larger fun/social rides make me a bit claustrophobic, which ends up outweighing the social benefit.

Anyway...below, a few pics of the ride!

Grateful for: being physically able again.


  1. I think one of the main reasons I started running with a group was to have something social in my life and to meet new people. A decade later, my running buds are among my best friends, people I spend hours per week talking to, which is more than I talk to almost anyone. I like that it's like multi-tasking, socializing, networking, working out personal questions, and exercising. And it keeps me accountable. There's no snoozing when I have people to meet.

    1. I can't see ever running with a group--I'll never be fast enough for that. My slow walk/jog is good for building endurance, which I really need, but I'll never be fast. Biking with a group is ok, though I've yet to make friends that way. Maybe it's because the group seems to host lot of different people each week, but I bet if I keep going regularly, I will meet other regulars. I also have my knitting group once a week, which has become an important social outlet for me. Definitely some knitters I consider friends. We don't do tons of socializing outside the group, but we do some.


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