Sunday, December 15, 2013

All around

The new job is still going well. It's challenging. My role as project manager is both comfortable and completely novel. I had a run-in for the first time with a co-worker/subordinate gently (well not so gently) refusing to do something that she had previously agreed to do. I have never really bossed anyone--only my contractors and of course, they always say "yes." Or have a no so gentle that it doesn't lead to conflict. Wait, I take that back--I have had major disagreements with contractors, but the whole nature of the relationship is different. I was surprised by this person's refusal and I will handle it differently in the future, but overall, I'm still finding the whole thing fascinating. People's attitudes and reactions to me are curious, the culture of the place is slowly revealing itself to me, and I couldn't be happier. I enjoy the challenge.

My only concern is that the new job will leave little or no room for outside endeavors. I don't mean socializing. I can already see that my social life will probably improve, simply due to much higher levels of happiness. I'm more at ease and generally more comfortable. I don't even think I'm dreaming about work (yes, that used to happen). But what about my writing? Well, I never have made it a focus, so I guess nothing has changed. Oh well?

And on to dating...the fellow who liked me but about whom I was less enthusiastic seems to have given up on me. He stopped texting and didn't ask me out again. I was pretty transparent in my non-enthusiasm so I don't blame him. I thought many times about getting in touch, but I just couldn't bring myself to to do.

In the meantime, I went on a date with another fellow (confusingly with the same first name). As soon as we started talking, I could feel the chemistry. He wasn't as handsy as the first guy, but he did grab my hand at one point (much like the other guy), and I didn't mind at all. When he tried to kiss me, I was surprised, but pleased. Yet, he's a much worse match for me. He's equally nice as the first guy, but not quite as interesting. He's also embarrassingly age-inappropriate. I mean, maybe we can hang out a little, but I don't see a long-term future with him. Guy with the same name number 1 was a much better prospect, if only I could've musted any feelings for him. Stupid feelings.

Speaking of feelings, that's kind of how I feel about my new project. There are a lot of feelings going around that thing. On our side, people feel demoralized and abused by the client. The client is giving up on providing us feedback because we take it so poorly. She feels like a monster and thinks we hate her. So many feelings! Now, I've had my share of work-place feelings, but I don't quite get it. What I get is that in order to salvage the situation, I have to help everyone get to a happier place. Actually happy may not be possible, but happy enough to take mildly critical coments may be. I'm going to try and be the one taking the comments and mending the relationship with the client.

See, isn't that more interesting than more stories of dating semi-failure?

Also, it snowed, and someone built this outside my office:

Grateful for: new opportunities.

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