Monday, October 21, 2013


I am on vacation. Just into the second week of my two weeks on a Caribbean island. I am...I hate to say this...starting to get bored.

At the beginning of the second week, I changed hotels. I thought the second place was a better location, and for financial reasons, the best thing was to split my time.

The first week was good and I miss the old place. But maybe that's because I made friends there? Two 60ish guys from Utah--one an Urban Planner! And a small family from Oklahoma. Between these two groups, which sometimes combined, I never had to eat a meal alone, which is my least favorite part of traveling solo. They left, I moved, things have changed.

Pros and cons--at the first place, "Las Rocas," I had the view you see above from a second story room. The on site restaurant was decent and cheap, though not inspiring. The staff was very friendly. The airport transfer was included. It was quiet. Cons--it was very hard to keep sand out of the room. You had to find your own water (a pain) or buy the expensive stuff out of the mini-fridge. Wifi was extra. It was more than a 10 minute walk to the good snorkeling spot--enough time to work up a sweat and get a sunburn here!

The new place, "Banarama" is much more central--maybe only a 5 minute walk to the good snorkeling and 1 minute to the local "mall." There is a faucet and footbath on the front porch so you can keep the room sand-free. Filtered water and wifi are included in the price. The food is ok but a little more expensive. It's louder. Haven't made any new friends. The room smells of mildew and the bed is too soft. My room is on the ground floor and there's no view. The per night cost is a bit higher.

If I were to come here again, and stay in this same village, West Bay, I think I'd choose Las Rocas. Else I'd try another part of the Island.

I've been snorkeling every day, except the day I arrived. Two days, I've gone twice. I don't find it boring yet, but I keep having equipment problems--my mask leaks, my snorkel won't clear--that make it less fun. I keep having to shower off the salt water, which is annoying. I know--life is so hard! I haven't read much and this is the first writing I'm doing. I've done a bit of knitting. I'm watching one video a day. Neither room has had a TV and I don't really miss it--but I'm glad I brought a few things to watch. I am speaking a bit of Spanish, which is fun and a challenge.

Yesterday, I picked up a follower. I went for a walk around sunset. Sunsets are spectacular here since you have a clear view of the horizon to the west. I found a place to sit and a young-looking man sat near me and later started to talk to me. Turns out he was from Cuba. We had an interesting conversation (in English). He walked with me back to my place and then he really started the come on. And here's the thing--he liked me, he was complimenting me, and he was objectively attractive. He was even semi age-appropriate (like that matters under the circumstances!). I just wasn't feeling it. I am not against a little vacation romance, in principle. I just wasn't inspired by this guy for whatever reason. He basically outright asked me if I was interested and I said I wasn't feeling it and he went away.

Except he didn't. Today, after breakfast, my morning snorkel, a visit to the local coffee shop (the coffee at the new place is basically undrinkable), I went to sit on a chair by the beach and read a book--and there he was. Sigh. This is a small place and it's hard to avoid people--and this guy knew where to find me. He swam, then came and sat by me for well over an hour. We did chat a bit. He's not unpleasant--not at all--but I couldn't work up any enthusiasm for him. I just felt annoyed and imposed upon. Around 1pm I stood up and said "I have to go." I walked away--and he stayed there. Hopefully that's that, but we'll see.

I know it's not that I want to be alone since I had such a good time hanging out with my hotel friends--but it needs to be mutual. This guy won't take no for an answer and that's unacceptable. Doesn't matter how cute you are. Sigh.

Overall, this is a good break. I'm not thinking much, which is the point. Let go of the frustration and anger associated with my old job and be ready for my new job. Clean slate and all. Ok, back to my siesta.

Grateful for: time away.


  1. Thanks for the update. I'm glad to see you are doing well, and have an opportunity to relax after a stressful few months.

  2. I wish I had seen this sooner.


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