Sunday, September 08, 2013

A good day

What a strange and interesting day I've had. I had to do a bunch of work but was torn on going into the office. I took Thursday off for Rosh Hashanah, which means I have the option of working a religious comp day, which I decided to do on Sunday. Instead of going to the office, I decided to go to one of my favorite coffee shops that also has real food--and I would get there very early so I would get a seat at a table and be able to spread out a bit. I arrived around 8:30am--pretty good for a Sunday, right? I'd slept ok and I figured I'd get something done. I was able to get a good spot and spread out. I worked.

I also observed the other folks in the coffee shop--almost everyone else--at least 90%--were folks with infants and toddlers--or pregnant ladies. Other people came in for coffee, but took theirs to go. By around 10am, the population turned over to the single and young couple set. A small family had been sitting near me (hilariously distracting), but a young woman took over their spot eventually. Erin (I found out her name later) was friendly and after she asked me for the wifi password (no wifi on the weekends! boo!), we struck up a conversation. That was about the end of my working day there. She and I had a fantastic conversation--it went on for hours! I hardly ever talk to anyone other than staff when I'm in coffee shops--and when I do, it's usually very brief. Like, with the family, when the toddler son practically lay down on the floor as a dance move, the mom looked kind of embarrassed and worried, I said, "It's all just building his immune system." She laughed and agreed. But that was all we said to each other. So, I wasn't expecting to have a serious, interesting, very long conversation.

Now, if Erin weren't likely to be leaving DC forever in a few weeks or a month, I bet we might have the start of a friendship. We might anyway--she got my name and email and when she gets back from a visit home, she said she'll get in touch. If she doesn't, that's ok. Our conversation was totally worth it as a stand-alone experience. (Of course, I did my fair share of talking, but I'm pretty sure I didn't dominate the conversation--I hope!)

Next, I stopped by a little restaurant/bar that I'd been wanting to try. Had some of those short types of conversations, about football, and that was it. Did a tiny bit of work before the one cider I drank went to my head. Next door to the bar was a little bakery and I stopped in for a treat to take home. The song "Blurred Lines" was playing and the clerk and I ended up having a pretty deep conversation about the extremely troubling lyrics. You might sum it up as, "catchy tune, execrable lyrics."

The lesson is: leave the house more often. I've been really stuck at home for a number of understandable reasons. Until last week, I was forbidden to drive, so it was almost impossible to go to the coffee shop in question. But, even walking a couple of blocks to a nearby place was overwhelming--I just couldn't face it. I get so cozy at home, but it's not always healthy. I've also been insanely exhausted. I cannot string more than one good night's sleep together. I've decided to completely stop the narcotic pain relievers because I think they were doing more harm than good. Back to Aleve and its ilk (tried that last night and it worked well). Plus, my stress with work is through the roof, which makes me tired and anti-social.

I feel like I'm writing all this as an update for three friends (two virtual, one IRL--y'all know who you are), but it's also for I will keep going.

I have really and truly and officially resigned my job as of Friday. My supervisor is out until Monday, so that's when she'll get my letter, but I put it in her box on Friday. I also told her definitively I was resigning on Tuesday. I said I was sorry about how it had all gone, and that I'd tried, but I couldn't figure out how to resolve our issues. She said, "It sounds like you're laying it all at my feet." That's not what you say, but WHATEVER. It's over...or will be as of October 4, my last day. I also put the new job acceptance letter in the mail on Friday, making it all doubly real.

Now all I have to do is make my October vacation plans!

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Grateful for: good talks with strangers.



  1. Talk about burying the lede! Very exciting news on the work front! Maybe back to Paris for October? Congrats all around, excited for these changes for you.

  2. Congratulations on making the move formal! Your soon-to-be-former supervisor's less-than-gracious reaction, while unfortunate, at least reinforces the idea that you're making the right choice.


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