Sunday, July 28, 2013


This week has been focused on getting ready for surgery. On Saturday, I cleaned the entire house. I definitely missed corners, but I swept, mopped, and vacuumed all the floors as appropriate. Cleaned all the surfaces in the bathroom. Scrubbed the top of the range (disgusting). Two...well three...reasons: 1) the house was dirty; 2) I won't be able to clean properly again for at least two weeks; and 3) people will be coming over and the place must be presentable! And, as a corollary to 3, when people are coming over to help with chores, I don't want them to start with a dirty house. The base level of cleanliness must be at least medium if not high. I don't imagine my friends, or even most people, would fault me--but I would fault myself. Even with my knee in its current state, it's hard to clean. I can't crouch down, which leaves corners and such out of the equation, but I can and did vacuum, the task I hate the most.

I also bought kitty litter and a big bunch of toilet paper. Today, I'm doing more grocery shopping, picking up a post-surgery prescription, and doing some laundry. It's all about getting ready. I'm doing all of this by foot and bicycle, though I did drive the car one last time on Friday, to a pre-surgery check-in appointment. I won't be allowed to drive again for about four weeks.

What else? Maybe we shouldn't talk about work. I am still thinking I need to leave and I'm still sad. But, I am waiting to make definite moves. I need to set up a lunch date with the guy who wants to hire me. I'll call him on Monday, fill him in on my current situation, and maybe set something up for late August/early September. We do have a new medium boss at work (my boss's boss), and he seems like a good guy. The problem is, even if he took my side, it will still be a long time before anything changes. While I don't want to leave that world, I know it would be good for me. Learning new things is good for me and I enjoy it. I just need to get happier about the idea. I know, everyone knows, that as soon as I leave my current job I will get happier. Ok, a few people have disagreed, but even they are starting to waiver a little as the status quo remains completely unchanged. Right. No more even writing about it because I start to get upset just thinking about my supervisor.

Anyway--the trick is to focus on the now, which means drug store, grocery store, and laundry. Wish me luck!

Grateful for: plenty of time to get ready.

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  1. Luck! Hope everything goes smoothly and the recovery is swift.


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