Saturday, June 29, 2013


I really did it this time. On Wednesday, I was working at home. I took a break and was doing a little weeding and rearranging in the back yard in anticipation of the cookout I'm planning for the 4th of July. We have one of those big outdoor umbrellas and it's a bit worse for wear. I decided to make sure it was working properly. I had a hard time raising it because the cord is rotten--so I stood on one of the chairs to get a better reach. That sort of worked--but I wasn't close enough to lift it all the way by hand, so I stood on the table. I got the umbrella up but noticed that it wasn't connected to all of the "arms" of the frame. I reached out to attach the fabric and the table started wobbling...and I knew I was in trouble. I managed to control my fall a bit and I landed on my rear rather than my front. I fell all the way to the ground, gently bumping my head against the fence (slight bruise, no concussion), and twisting my knee. I don't know how I managed to hurt my knee--I think I knocked it on one of the chairs--but as soon as I stood up I knew there was a problem. I took one step, felt a pop and a crunch and I sat down again. Luckily, I had my phone nearby. I called work friend Liz (can't remember her blog name!) and after a little back and forth, she said she'd come over and drive me to the hospital. I called my doctor to make sure this was the right move--it was. I managed to get myself into the house and put on an ice pack before Liz arrived, but I couldn't put any weight on it.

The emergency room visit was pretty much par for the course. We waited an hour together before they took me in the back where Liz couldn't follow. Four hours later, I had a clear x-ray (no surprise--I was certain I hadn't fractured anything), a pair of crutches, a knee wrapped in an ace bandage, and prescriptions for a megadose of ibuprofen and some narcotics for "break though" pain.

I took off work on Thursday and did nothing except schedule an appointment with an orthopedist and watch some really bad movies. On Friday, I ended up having to drive to the doctor--not as bad as I thought it would be--and they said I needed an MRI. Duh. While the doctor was examining me I said, "MCL tear?" and he said, "Probably--are you a doctor?" I said, "Not that kind of doctor!" Which at least got a smile from him. Later he said it might be the ACL. Either way, it's lousy, but both can be remedied. Also, it's fine for me to walk on it--walking to tolerance is what the medical assistant said. She gave me a few little exercises to do.

On Friday, Alicia came over and we walked over to the grocery store. She didn't want me to walk (well, hobble--I was using the crutches), but in the end, I'm glad I did. I was able to use this little motorized cart to get around the store, which is pretty cool, and means I can go shopping solo. We had fun and we cooked dinner later.

Today, I'm feeling much better. It still hurts, but I can put a lot more weight on it and using the crutches isn't strictly necessary--though I can move much faster with them. I do a kind of hop-shuffle thing without them.

And this is the funny thing--I've never been on crutches before. I don't like them, my arms hurt, and they're uncomfortable. But I'm still kind of fascinated by them. They make you see the whole world differently. I sure wish I hadn't screwed up my knee and I would be glad to not use them...but it's still kind of interesting.

And, yes, I think no matter what I'm quitting my job. It's just a question of when I put in my notice. I have some breathing room because my grand jury service starts on Monday. I'm still going!

Grateful for: learning experiences.


  1. Sorry. I've been on crutches twice for sprained ankles and they suck. They hurt my arms like crazy. Grand jury service will be interesting and a good break from the office, hope you can get there and around easily enough, and glad you have friends there who are helping you out!

    1. The crutches really make me wish I had better upper body strength! It's a work out for sure.

      I hope grand jury will be more interesting than depressing. Then again, anything is better than the office!

      I am lucky I had some friends around to help. I felt a little abandoned on Thursday, but things worked out in the end.

  2. Grand jury service? I've been reading your blog for years and have commented maybe once other than today, and I am truly sorry about your MCL/ACL. I'm sure it will heal up well, although your pro-football career may be over... :)

    But grand jury service! Please promise us that you will really consider every case that the prosecutor brings before you (and make sure that there is no funny business, if possible), that you will ask questions if you feel the need to do so, that you will use whatever powers available in your jurisdiction to question outside witnesses, or to get the accused in front of you, or whatever. Too many people see grand jury service as a rubber stamp, a "it doesn't matter what we do because if so-and-so is innocent it will come out in the regular trial phase and that is wrong wrong wrong. You have a very important job! Good luck!

    1. Luckily, I already decided to resign from the co-ed no-contact flag football league. ;)

      Your comments about grand jury are really interesting. I've been joking that they're all going to hate me because I'm going to ask so many questions. I only have a vague understanding of what the grand jury involves, but I take jury duty quite seriously. I'm a big believer in the judicial system (even though it has many flaws) and I'm actually pretty interested in serving. I didn't try to get out of it--even though with my knee injury, I probably could have.

      Your exhortations haven't fallen on deaf ears. I will do my best to be a conscientious grand juror!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear of your accident! that, combined with grand jury service, would get me down, but I'm glad you're taking it so well.

    I just came back from my trip to Seattle. I did see Belltown, albeit in the early morning, and had a very good breakfast at Lola's. I also saw the Mariners-Cubs game, in which they wore throwback uniforms (the "Seattle Turks" in the case of the Mariners), and stopped by the mystery bookstore in Pioneer Square. I managed a brief visit to Pike Place market, the aquarium, and the art museum. Thanks very much indeed for your suggestions! I can see why you like the city so much.

    Somewhat funnily, there were excessive heat warnings when I was there, for 85 degree weather...


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