Sunday, June 23, 2013


Generally, things are much better than the last time I posted. The most exciting thing going on is that one of my projects is blowing up in the press. We issued the report last week (after sitting on it for more than a year), and via google I found over five articles in the mainstream press about it! I can't really believe it. No project that I've worked on has ever gotten any press coverage to speak of--maybe a mention buried in an article about something else--but usually nothing at all. The only other time I had a report make a difference is the time the data analysis we did was used to make the case to extend the life of a program. That felt big--but this is huge. Will it make a difference in the long run? Well, not on its own, but it's another brick in the wall. Sorry I can't go into more detail about the subject...but it's a big win for me. Maybe this is me going out on a high note?

I officially didn't get the interesting job. So, I am just waiting to call the other job and tell them I'm in. I'm waiting for a better mood. Maybe I'll be there today, maybe tomorrow. I don't think the detail is happening. I've waited long enough. I want to structure it so that I get a full month off--maybe I'll go on a long trip. Maybe I'll get an old paper of mine ready for publication. I really want that time.

Back to the report--I didn't write it. I'm not an author. But I conceived of it--it's really my baby. I did a true lit review--read a bunch of articles and put a lot of effort into writing the RFP. A lot of what's in the final report is drawn from my original writing and background research. I came up with the methodology--the contractor put it into practice. I edited, edited, and re-edited the final document. I wrote the foreword. I wrote a policy memo about the report. I wrote many summaries of the report. I had quite a heavy hand in this project so I feel a lot of ownership of it. I also guided the contract to a successful conclusion--despite budget overruns and a lot of craziness. Anyway, I deserve some credit. How much? Not for me to say.

I also drove myself into exhaustion this week by doing a lot of bike riding. That's good--I needed to be tired. I went over to a friend's house for a cookout on Friday and I fell asleep on their couch. I can't remember the last time that happened! Yes, I had a little to drink--it was that, plus dehydration and exhaustion. I slept really well--on their hard, lumpy futon. I think I need a harder matress!

I just wanted to check in because I figure you might be wondering what happened to me. I'm fine. I'm feeling ok. Things with my mom are ok. I can see the humor at work though it's all still terribly painful. I'm gearing up to ask for what I want and then we'll see what happens next.

Grateful for: options!


  1. Haha, I love having friends you love so much you can crash on their couch during a random evening party. Congrats on the article and good luck on the job call, excited that you're planning a month off. I really wish I'd done that when I last switched jobs.

    1. The idea of a month off is so appealing, I'd almost quit just on those grounds. :)

      Yes, I do really love those friends, though we're not super close. I always feel like they want to take care of me, which is really sweet.

  2. Glad to hear that things seem a bit better, and thank you for the update. And neat to have one's work in the press.

    On a separate note: I'm going to Seattle for a business trip soon, but have a little free time. Any suggestions on the top things to see?

    1. Oh boy, what to see in Seattle? There's so much! Really depends on how much time you have and where you're staying. Pioneer Square is nice to walk around (southern most part of downtown). The Belltown area is pretty hipster friendly these days and full of interesting shops and good bars and restaurants--it's the northern edge of the downtown area--though really far out of downtown. Everyone loves the Pike Place Market, and it's packed full of locals and tourists. You can take in some fish throwing and see the first Starbucks--the only shop displaying the original logo. The Seattle Art Museum is good, though I'd see if they had an exhibit you like first. If you have time for a nice dinner out, I recommend Ivar's Salmon House ( all the Ivar's restaurants are good--including the fast food joints on the waterfront. The aquarium is nice too--and fun if you like that kind of thing.

      If you can get out of downtown, my favorite neighborhood is Fremont. Full of quirky shops, outdoor art, and good eating and drinking.

      My mom live in Wallingford so I end up spending a lot of time there when I visit. The dining options are amazing. For a truly unique and delicious dinner, try Joule ( seem to have relocated since my last visit, but I'm sure it's still excellent.

    2. Thanks for the extensive suggestions! I'm only going for a few days, and am going to try to stay on Eastern time, so I'll likely go to Pike Place Market in the early morning. My only previous time in Seattle I also went to Pioneer Square, which I enjoyed, and the art museum. I'm debating seeing a Mariners-Cubs game after my mid-day conference presentation. I think I won't have time to get out of downtown, but I'll definitely look into the other areas you mentioned. Thanks again!

    3. Pike Place is great in the morning--I like it when it's quiet. As you have time, Belltown is the most accessible neighborhood from downtown. Just walk north on 1st Ave, and walk back on 2nd or 3rd. You get a bit of a different view of the area by only going a couple of miles. I recommend a baseball game--while building the stadium was something of a crime (the public voted against the bond funding, then the county did it anyway), it's one of the most beautiful of its type. If the roof is open and you face the water, the game becomes unimportant (and I like baseball!).

      Have fun!


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