Thursday, May 16, 2013

Floating home

These pictures are not examples of my great photography skills. The first one was the rather astonishing sight of a floor of a home being hoisted into place by a huge portable crane. Many folks gathered around, staring and watching the process. I was hardly the only person taking pictures.

Floating home
On my way home the other day, I stopped by to get a picture of the final product. This is the front view...still in progress.
All stacked up

Now, it's anyone's guess if this is a good idea financially. Certainly it was faster than actually building on site. But what about the quality of the build? The comfort of the units? The livability?

I do housing research for a living but I haven't a clue about the reasoning behind doing this type of modular construction rather than something more traditional. Guess I've found something else to write about...

Grateful for: keen observation skills...or something.


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