Sunday, May 12, 2013


I'm still thinking a bit about seeing my old friend, Daniella. I don't know if we will see each other again or if we'll partially rekindle our friendship...but I'm really glad we saw each other. I think I would like to be friends again. When talking about her, I've been saying that I've always had an affinity for people who get along with everyone--because I'm just that difficult. D is open and non-judgemental, and I always valued that about her, even when we were little. I also like to know lots of different kinds of people--and someone like D does too. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

Today, I did a bit of biking. I've been riding to work a lot recently. I've also routed a longer ride home to get a bit more exercise. The ride to work is only about 5 miles round trip; not much of a workout. I've also been longing for a different, more responsive, easier to ride bike. The one I'm on is a good commuter, decent hauler (not great), and a nightmare on a steep hill. Today, I went for a group ride (called the "nice and easy ride," which it certainly was). After the ride, I went into the bike shop that sponsored the ride and ended up taking a test ride on a touring bike. I rode that thing for over half an hour! I really liked it. The bike is quick and responsive, handles well, and the gearing was just right--a low enough low and a high enough high. With a few minor adjustments, I might even love it--the seat needs to be raised and a new saddle is essential. It's expensive but about half the price of the fancy bike I was looking at last year. I dunno. If I had the "right" bike, would I do more long rides? I've ridden 13 miles today so far (another 2 before I'm done--gotta get home). My average MPH was a mile faster on my solo test ride than on the group ride--though I'm hardly a speed demon. Riding 10 miles at a go is no problem. I want to work up to 15 and then 20. Then we'll see. It's a good thing to do on the weekend and as I get more stamina, I can ride for some of my more distant errands. Hmm...remind me why I bought that car again? Maybe I should sell it.

Grateful for: the resources to get any bike I like.


  1. I drive to work on Mondays now (bringing all my stuff), then run the rest of the week (get picked up Thurs PM and work from home Fri.). Can't tell you how much I love not driving. Right now we're involuntarily a one-car family (mine is in the shop), so I got dropped off this morning and it will be a commute on foot tonight. Less than 4 miles each way, so nice way to get in an easy 8 miles per day. I think a bike is going to be my next purchase -- would be so functional for errands and stuff, when running isn't an option, and would be so much faster, much more like driving. I'd say go for it on the new bike, esp if the price is reasonable, and make this the summer of you on the bike. Hope work is going well in your month or so of transition!

    1. That's a great plan. I'm not so sure I could be that disciplined, but with a bike it's relatively easy to carry gear in rather than plan a week in advance.

      Bikes are fun and I recommend using one for your errands! Get yourself something you like to ride and you'll enjoy it even more. Comfort is key.

    2. The discipline of packing outfits, lunches, etc. for the week has taken months for me to get down (and many late Monday mornings if I fail in attempting to force myself to do it all on Sundays).


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