Friday, May 17, 2013

Bike to work

Today is the official "bike to work" day. I meant to ignore it but I registered at the last minute and I'll be going by the pit stop kinda sorta in my neighborhood shortly. I've been biking to work on and off for years and very consistently for the last couple of months. I'm still deciding on the new bike. The bike shop is building up the model I liked in the right size for me but it's been a few days and no word. In the meantime, I'm getting around on my old bike, which is only a couple of years old. The bike feels like such a slug now. Oh well. I just put the rear rack back on last night. Wait...why am I talking about boring bike stuff? Let's talk about work.

I put in an application for a really interesting job on Wednesday. I haven't heard back yet but I hope I get an interview. It's a whole different kind of thing than the open offer. The job is a leadership position in a small advocacy organization. There are a couple of areas where I'm lacking experience but otherwise, it's a perfect spot for me. We'll see. The movement on the home front is painfully slow. Apparently, all the upper management who need to be on board are, but they have yet to speak to my supervisor. Said supervisor continues to drive me mad, but I am doing marginally better at controlling my frustration with her. Yesterday, we had a meeting, and she said something like, "I've been trying to explain this to you but you keep cutting me off." I stayed silent for the next few minutes as she completed her explanation. It will be no surprise to anyone that what she said wasn't useful at all--but I will say this: I'm glad I let her tell me the whole thing, because the full absurdity of what she had in mind wasn't entirely clear until she got all the way through it. And I was able to tell her with complete confidence that the strategy she was suggesting I take was much, much more difficult and time-consuming than the difficult and time-consuming the strategy I'd already decided to take.

I dunno. This work change is dragging out much too long. I feel kind of exposed. I don't know who knows what or how much longer I can play dumb. The meeting with the supervisor started with her saying, "Is there anything you'd like to talk about? Anything in particular you'd like to tell me?" Sounds like she knows something, doesn't it? But, in fact, that's a pretty typical opening for her. I have the same reaction I always have, which was to think, "It's your meeting." This time, I didn't say it, instead, I just said, "No, nothing in particular." Then she went on to express a bunch of worries that had been very thoroughly addressed during a meeting we had on Monday. Oh, and she told me that when I email another division director, I should (must?) cc her. (I mentioned sending a message to director--then pointed out that supervisor knows about the message because I was telling her about it.) I'm starting to think she means that every, single time I email someone at her level, I have to cc her. That's insanely restrictive. I wanted to go back and double check on this one, but I thought, best leave it alone, it will be moot soon. Not soon enough!

I sure hope no one connects this blog with my work. I really need to shut up about this, don't I?

Ok, off to bike to work! Happy Friday.

Grateful for: the light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. Haha, anytime I write about specific people or work, I worry somehow it could be connected to me.

    I wonder, if you get that interview and an offer with the smaller organization, would you take that rather than moving under TR? Rather than the open offer? The fact that you're applying for it made me think it would be of more interest than the open offer.

    1. If the smaller organization made me an offer, I'd probably take it. It would be much more interesting than the open offer. The only reason to stay and work for TR is that I'm working in the same area as the small organization and, arguably, what I'm doing in my current position has more impact. It's really a small fish in a big pond (where I am now) vs. big fish in a big pond (leadership role in small org). I don't know which is better, but it would be fun to actually call the shots and only have ONE boss. ONE BOSS. That would be amazing! Provided we got along, of course. :)


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