Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Sunday, I had my third date with Bert (not his real name). It's been a long time since I had a third date. Wait, not true. I did have more than three dates with a fellow last year, but that situation had zero potential. So, I take it back. It hasn't been that long but this feels different. Still, I have exactly the same questions as last week. Bert and I had another mid-day weekend date (my doing this time). We ended with a hug, again. I had a good time, though I did go on a work related complaining jag. That's bad, but it's real, so fine. It's about the worst stuff I have (short of actually getting angry) so I think there are worse things than putting it out there. Well blurting it out there, more accurately.

Anyway. I continue to wonder if we're on a romantic track or not. I'm way up close so I can't see the big picture. But he must...we must like each other, else why all these oh so official dates? (In emails, the word "date" has been used!) I think I need to get him around my friends. Back in the day I would have Audrey meet the guys I liked as early as possible. It was totally a test. I needed to see what Audrey thought of them but more importantly I wanted to see how they reacted to Audrey, who was notorious for giving a bad first impression. Could they appreciate her despite her awkwardness? I'm sure Bert would. That's a good thought experiment. I'd still like to see him around some other people.

Is that what I do next? Invite him to diner with a friend or two? Hmm.  I love/hate that I'm spending so much time thinking about so much nothing. I'm not even sure how much I like him! Sheesh. Charming or pathetic? You tell me.

Here are a couple of pics I took the other day--the first is the soon to be grocery store a couple blocks from my house. Unbelievable.

This is from the metro. Something mysterious is happening behind that door...

Grateful for: something to think about. 


  1. Do an evening weekend date and don't back away if he leans in. Then you'll have a good idea of where he's thinking it's going, and you can give it more time before introducing friends. Personally, I wouldn't like introducing a friend who can be prickly early on (regardless of how much you love her), it's more just best foot forward early on, with a good mix of reality (like venting about work).

    Oh, and say his real name isn't Ernie...


    1. First, Audrey isn't prickly at all--she's quite friendly. She used to sometimes say awkward things that might be considered offensive--though I never found them so. I think getting along with her was a good test of seeing beyond the superficial.

      Backing away and leaning in seem so far from where I am with this guy...and I haven't heard from him since Sunday. Guess I just wait or make the next move. Hmm.

      No his real name isn't "Ernie"--that would be funny.


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