Monday, February 11, 2013

Not that easy

Yesterday, I was online and scared up a couple of dates with new guys.

Today, I got an email from Bert. He was mildly apologetic about his abrupt departure on Saturday (it was too noisy and crowded for him) and he suggested a movie or two we could see. A couple of the suggestions were items from his "personal library" which I think means he is inviting me to his house to watch a movie. A huge step in our lethargic little drama.

I am so torn. I told a friend about Saturday and she said, "You don't want to see him again, do you?"

"I don't, but I fee bad."

She said, "So feel bad, but tell him no."

I know she's right yet I'm still hesitating. I have wanted to see Bert until now...but I still don't know him very well and he's rather distant. I wonder if I will ever get to know him. I have persistant concerns about the potential physical side of our non-relationship. I fear it will be awkward and unpleasant. Yet...yet nothing. It's just damn hard to say no to someone. Extra heavy sigh.

The upside is that I have three guys who want to go on dates with me. The downside is that none of them have much boyfriend potential. I think it's funny that this situation makes me almost unhappy. What the what?

Grateful for: options.


  1. Eh, I'd say see the movie, even at his place. Now that you're clear from him emotionally, seems like it's not a bad use of time. More friends are good, even if met originally with another intent.

  2. Sure, friends are good, but if I go to his house I'm almost certain he will make a pass at me. What then? So awkward.

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