Friday, December 07, 2012


Things are slow and boring, but in a good calming way. I hope you weren't left in too much suspense after my last post, but as it turned out the thing I was worried about wasn't a thing after all. So annoying! All that to say, my life is kind of news-free.  I mean, last weekend I did go to the last flag football games of the year and have one of my teammates yell at me for being a grouch after I stood around in the cold for over two hours and got about ONE MINUTE of playing time.  But who wants to read about that? Moving on! I also had an outrageously alcoholic brunch last weekend, which probably took two days to recover from...but again, not that interesting unless you were there.  I dunno. I like that things are slow at work and that I'm not so stressed out, not fighting with my boss and have plenty of time to knit. I am turning into a bit of a winter hermit and I haven't gone on a run/jog since Thanksgiving. My knee is hurting a bit and it's so cold and dark in the morning that I have lost my motivation. I'm getting in a few long-ish walks a week and will do one tomorrow morning (if I can't manage to run), which will have to do for now.

You tell me, what's interesting in your December?

Grateful for:  calm.

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