Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Last year, I completely ignored the blog anniversary.  This year...maybe I will again, but I did at least remember that I started the blog in December--December 29, 2004 to be exact. Meaning that on Saturday, this blog will be 8 years old. That has to be some kind of record, right?

I've certainly gone through ups and downs with this thing. Most of the social aspects have faded away, but I still have a friend or two that I met via blog.  My posting has dwindled to almost nothing, resurged, then dwindled again. Kind of like my dating!

In fact, an incident occurred last night that I would normally blog about, so why don't I?  

I did my usual trip to Eden Center (DC's little Vietnam) and a movie. I remember writing about this in years past...I just did an archive scan and it looks like I only actually went to Eden Center one other time on X-mas Day. I think other visits might've been on other holidays. At any rate, I did go. It was, per usual, absolutely packed!  I saw maybe five other white faces. It was really hard to park too! So great.

Then I went to see "Django Unchained." Since when did all these folks decide the thing to do on Christmas was to go see a movie? The place was packed.  The movie was raucously entertaining, though not terribly substantive. In at least two scenes, I strategically closed my eyes in order to miss the most gruesome violence. Given the film's general lack of subtlety, it was pretty easy to anticipate the most offensive moments. 

My current favorite bar, which is also very close to my place, announced that they would open for drinks on Christmas night. I decided I would stop by after I got home from the movie. As I got to the block where the bar is, I saw a man who I recognized standing on the corner. It was Kansas! I don't know how many of you remember him, but we had a weird, brief non-relationship a few years ago, some time before I went to Paris. It never went anywhere because he was a total alcoholic. I watched him in my rear view mirror as he crossed the street and went into the bar. This makes sense, right? My local spot had to be one of the few in the general area that was actually open last night.

I was kind of pissed. Lot of nerve he had showing up at MY bar. And, it completely put me off going to the bar. Sad. But, I knew that if he was in there, I'd spend all my time talking ot him and I just...couldn't. Sadder still, I had no one to tell! 

So, I told you. 

Anyway, maybe I'll get an anniversary post up, maybe not. Thanks for those of you who continue to read!

Grateful for: longevity.

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