Monday, December 17, 2012


My weekend was decent. Not crazy exiciting, but modestly social and productive.  I went to dinner and then out for drinks with friends on Saturday.  One of my skeeball friends is moving to the West Coast and he's having this whole series of goodbye get togethers. We're not particularly close but I was pretty sad when I found out he was moving. I'm going to miss him! The amusing/sad moment of the night centered around another friend who is in the process of getting a divorce. He has a four-year-old daughter and he is trying to get custody of her, which I think is reasonable given that he's been her primary caretaker for a while. As he got progressively drunker, he put his arm around my shoulders and said, "J, I know we don't hang, but I have to be with my DAUGHTER. I have to buy her a HOUSE. I am going to take care of HER." I said, "It's ok. She is going to be ok. As long as she knows you love her, she will be ok." Sigh.  

On Saturday, I had to run some errands and clean the house. I've decided that I may want to list the place for short term rental (I dunno, still feels odd). In order to do that, I need pictures and the service I would use offers a free photo shoot. The time we set was Saturday at 1pm. I planned to pick up the house on Friday but didn't make much progress. I had to leave the house pretty early on Saturday for an appointment, and didn't get home until noon. Luckily my photographer was running late, so I had an extra half hour to put things away. Somehow, I got sidetracked into sorting of old papers, which slowed me down on the tidying up. It was pretty bad--at the last minute, in the bedroom, I threw a pile of clothing onto the closet floor and closed the door! Ha ha!  Anyway, as soon as the fellow starting taking pictures, I saw all kinds of dirt, dust, and clutter. Ach.

I wonder about how to keep things from getting out of control. I am not particularly neat or clean (it's not a pigsty, but I don't do much "deep" cleaning), but I am organized. I have places for most things to go, but I still end up with piles of things that don't really have places, or things that I don't have the energy to put in their place. I've gotten really slack on putting my clothing away. I usually manage to fold , but then the piles sit around on the top of my dresser forever. Yet, I am much happier if the place is tidy. On Sunday, I managed to put clothing away and generally keep things to the same level as Sunday. One day down, infinity to go.

I also have a couple of house projects that have been pending forever-ish.  One was to re-caulk the kitchen sink. The caulking is challenging but the real difficulty is removing the old caulk and giving the new caulk 24 hours to cure. Done and done. Does it look great? No. Does it look better than the hack job the plumber did when he installed my new faucet? A thousand times yes.

Another project is to put some old photos in a new acid-free album. I am over half way done, but stalled out something like a year (?) ago. That thing has been torturing me. Now all the photos and album pages are laid out on the newly cleared dining room table. I'm going to get that sucker done this week if it kills me. It may be the last time I use real photos! Which is a shame because it's much nicer to look at a physical album than online, but oh well. 

I also had some nice luck on Sunday. I biked all around from coffee, to my book group, to the grocery store, and home--only about five miles total. On the ride home from the grocery store, on a bike completely loaded down with grocercies, the first tiny sprinkles of rain started just as I got to my place. I was mightly pleased with the timing. 

Grateful for:  a good, full, easy weekend.

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