Thursday, November 08, 2012


Did I mention how happy we all are in DC that Obama was re-elected? Working for the Republicans again would've been the pits. I still would've had all my good projects, but our management (upper, that is) would've taken a terrible hit and it could have become (even more!) unpleasant to work at my agency.

Today, I almost didn't write--again! I'm working from home and with my more relaxed schedule, it's a good day for a run. I did 30 minutes (plus 5 min on each end for warm up and cool down). I'm still not reaching 5K in that time, but my pace is getting steadily better. I am pondering signing up for a race. I don't really want to race but it would motivate me. I would run faster, I'm sure, if other people were around. But is that a good thing? I am very, very worried about hurting myself. Yet, I have almost no aches and pains (at the moment). I think my body may actually be able to handle this very low level of vigorous exercise. Interesting.

Ok, that's all I have time for today.

Grateful for: a good work out.


  1. I don't think a lot of people hurt themselves on 5Ks, so the risk for you is probably pretty low. And on the subject of your previous post, knowing you only from your writings I don't think any differently of you for your change in perspective, except that I'm glad you're happier and worrying less about this issue.

    1. I guess I'm not really afraid of hurting myself on the 5K, but consistency is more important to me than prowess. I think I will sign up for the race, though.

      And, thanks for the vote of confidence!


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