Tuesday, November 06, 2012


I missed my morning blog appointment due to non-voting.  I had a plan--get up early, take a run, go to the polls. I was a little slow getting ready so it was a little after 7am when I was ready to leave the house. The polls opened at 7am, so I dressed in my exercise clothes and went straight to the elementary school that houses my polling place.

The lines were amazingly long. I've never seen a lines like that.  I thought about just skipping it and coming back later, but instead I gave it a chance. I stood in that line for 45 minutes and then they moved it outside. That's when I gave up and went for my run. I made it a little shorter than planned, but I still logged a solid 30 minutes of exercise.

I decided that in the interest of mid-afternoon return to the voting place, I'd drive to work. What a mistake! Not only was the traffic bad but major road construction made my normal route impossible to take. I was pretty late.

At the office, I had a long talk with long time friend and colleague TR. We had some major work issues to sort out, so it was a productive conversation.  We also hadn't had a real talk for weeks, so he said a couple of times how glad he was that we'd had the conversation. Aww--TR misses me!

I went back to vote around 2:30. Not as many people were there, but the lines were still terribly long and things were pretty disorganized. Low staff and high turnout is a bad combination.  Voting is seriously symbolic in DC since we'll go over 90% for Obama. Even though there were other things on the ballot, I assume most people were there to vote for president.  I know I was.  It took another hour.

Again, I tried to drive back to work, but was stymied by dead stopped traffic every turn I took. I cut my losses again in favor of a mid-afternoon grocery run and a bit of work-from-home action.

I'm also pleased to say that I haven't turned myself into knots over the newest boy. The situation is way on the back burner of my mind, which is about right. Yes, I care, I want to know what will happen, but I can wait patiently for the real worrying to start until after I know he's reachable again. That must be it--can't be that I actually have things in proper perspective this time. Oh no, let's not get carried away with so much maturity!

Grateful for: the chance to exercise my civic duty.

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