Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The knit season

Being a knitter gives you a wonderful appreciation for cold weather. I run warm these days, so it has to get pretty cold before I can start wearing my hand-knit sweaters and such. This week has been glorious. Every day practically, I'm wearing at least three hand-knit items: sweater, socks, and scarf. It can go up to five if you add mitts and a hat (still a bit too warm for hats as of yet). Today is no exception--I'm wearing hand-knit socks, a heavy sweater and a lighter scarf. The balance of these items is key--I want to be warm but not over heated. On another day, I might wear a lighter sweater and a heavier scarf. Last week, I didn't need a jacket at all. This week, I have a light rain jacket to wear over the heavy sweater for my bike right home. I think a light trench coat might be the layering answer. It's going to be very cold before I can wear a real winter coat.

Is that the most boring paragraph ever? I guess if I'm going to write about knitting, I need to add pictures. Maybe next time.

On other fronts, all men have gone into hiding. Very annoying. I do weary of having to start over and over and over.  Work is ok, though I have the dreaded bi-weekly meeting with my supervisor today.  Things have generally slowed a bit so I've been able to catch my breath and take my time on the tasks at hand.

Last, I finally asked my old boss why he didn't support my promotion. I think he did support it, but didn't think he could sell me--or that's what his answer indicated. Apparently, I'm perceived as high-strung. There are a lot of ways I would describe myself, but that's not one of them. And, if I'm high-strung, then so is my current supervisor--times 100! doesn't make sense that she got the push for the job and I didn't. It's kind of depressing, but hey, I can still learn and grow, right?

Grateful for: cold weather.

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