Monday, November 26, 2012


Today I was spectacularly unproductive. I have things to do but nothing that can't be put off for a day. A dangerous precedent indeed, given that I know an avalanche of work is only a whisper away. That said, I could not focus. I even gave myself a full day off yesterday. I sat around the house, knitting for the most part. I washed the dishes and made some pie dough. That's kind of funny--I baked two pumpkin pies this year for Thanksgiving. I haven't baked a pie for a while and I had the usual problem of having WAY too much filing for my pies. I didn't even fully double the recipe, but I could've easily made a third pie with the extra filling.  I decided I needed a new pie plate and a new rolling pin (long sick-type) (despite having made no other pies in over  year, having my pie making normally limited to once a year, and owning a perfectly serviceable old-style (fixed handles, rotating cylinder) rolling pin).  Nevertheless, I ventured out on Saturday to make a run to a housewares store and see a movie.

When I got that new pie plate home I could see what part of my problem was and perhaps has always been--I'm using some really small pie plates, relics from the same era as that old rolling pin (all used to belong to my mom). I had the urge to do all this because I wanted to make some more pies--at least savory ones. I should have saved all the pumpkin insides too...well, I did save it. I cooked it all and then froze it. I realized I possibly could've made ice cream out of it. But after eating one of the frozen portions last night, I'd say it came out pretty much like ice cream, so that's all fine.  I made a double batch of dough last night and may even roll it out tonight and start on that quiche...

Grateful for: cooking inspiration.

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