Friday, November 02, 2012

Long time

Why haven't I written? Mostly, I'm just too damn busy. My new fitness regime has been a smashing success--but it involves getting up early a few times a week for a run/jog/walk.  Then, I rush to work, eat, and am consumed by very fully busy days. Still, I miss writing and I want to keep it as part of my regular routine.  I keep saying, "If I have to have a horrible, boring job, then this is the job I want...but we all know I really should be doing some kind of creative work." So, I eek out what creativity I can from my work life--and let the blog languish? No--I will revive the blog! I'm going for short posts for a while. Five minutes of writing, first thing in the morning, and re-focus on gratitude.

Work is already starting to overtake me, so I'll end now.

Grateful for: interesting things to think about.

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