Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Last night

The date last night was a big fat nothing, just as I suspected. I won't say it was worse than the Sunday night date...well, I will say that. I found the fellow a bit less attractive. Personality wise, he was fine, but not quite as interesting.  Both dudes had bad breath! What is up with that?  Do lots of people have bad breath in real life and somehow I don't notice unless I'm on a date? Actually, I think that's completely possible if unlikely.  Anyway, at some point, even though I felt zero attraction to this guy, he started to put on some very subtle moves. He sat a little closer to me. He used my first name. He suggested having a second drink or maybe something to eat. He didn't insist when I declined. He also asked if we were going to get together again--that makes two in a row! This time I said, "maybe!" He didn't like that and gently pushed for a more positive response, but I couldn't even muster up a "sure" this time. 

I guess I still do wonder what is wrong with me...

Grateful for: not the worst first date ever.

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