Friday, November 23, 2012


Everything I wanted to do yesterday:

  • Run a 5K race (and bike to and from the starting point)
  • Make garlic mashed potatoes
  • Go to three different Thanksgiving dinners

Given the ambition in this list, I'm amazed that I managed it all except for one of the T-day events. So, one race, one cooking endeavor, and two dinners. (I only ate at one of the dinners!)

When I was in college, if I were invited to more than one party, I always tried to go to all of the parties. So when I found myself with three T-day invites, it took me slam back to those days and that feeling: I needed to go to all of the parties! Well, I did pretty well and I had a nice time. All covered in a haze of post-race exhaustion, for bettter or ill.

I also baked two pies on Wednesday.  

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. 

Grateful for: all the invitations.

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