Monday, November 05, 2012


Let's not count the weekend as part of the new writing regime, ok?

I already feel pressed for time today. Work is eating my life. Well, not entirely true. I still work about the same number of hours as always, but I have less time to take vacation, and the work eats my brain. I spend so much time doing and thinking that I am spent by the time I get home. I was about to tell a story about my brain and inability to write when I was trying to finish my college "thesis" but why don't I stick with current events?

Current events include my finally registering a complaint with my flag football leadership about my lack of playing time. This had two outcomes 1) I got more playing time 2) we listened to a speech about how we could be a winning team or a team that gives everyone equal playing time. OY VEY. Co-ed, recreational, NO CONTACT, flag football. I want to win. I know how teams work and I have given a lot to this team. I don't want to watch most of the game. I want to have fun and play. I want to exercise. I want to be PART of the win. If I play five minutes a game, the win means nothing to me. Of course, if that's how they plan to run the team, then I quit. Yet, somehow, we WON the game, even though I was allowed to start and got a fair share of playing time (still less than others--and that was FINE). My point was that letting everyone see some real playing time AND winning are compatible. This is the first instance during my weekend of people saying one thing and doing another.

The second involves a boy. I've been texting (really? texting?) with this fellow for a couple of weeks on and off. We started online, IMing via a dating site, and about a week ago I gave him my number, and the texing began. Whoa. It was a lot of texting. It was...somewhat explicit in nature.  We actually met on Saturday--and things were nothing at all like the texting indicated. I mean, not nothing, but not what I'd expected, not what he'd led me to believe. I still don't quite know what to make of it. Was it better or worse? Neither, just different...and better too, I suppose. I'd thought he was going to be rather...hmm...matter of fact and business like. Instead, he was goofy and super affectionate. Definitely preferable but also much more confusing. I don't know if we'll see each other again, no plans were made (annoying, but expected). He is out of the country for a week and out of texting range (I think), which is just as well. I will now going into (typical) "assume I will never hear from him again but secretly expect to hear from him" mode for the rest of the week. Sigh. It would be nice if I could just grow up already, but what fun would that be?

This took way longer than five minutes to write.

Grateful for: new adventures.

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