Friday, November 09, 2012

Afternoon delight

Afternoon(ish) seems to be my time to write. So be it.  

Last night, I was supposed to have a date. The date was to be with an entirely new person from the internet. We had a pleasant, jokey exchange on Wednesday and made plans for Thursday. He went so far as to rearrange his plans so it would be more convenient for me. I was quite looking forward to meeting him. Not only did I think it would be a fun date, it also would serve as a nice distraction from the other boy who is not at all in the front of my mind.

On Thursday morning, I got a very short email stating that he was sorry to cancel but work was hectic and maybe we could try for next week (nothing specific offered, though).

That, my friends, is a kiss-off. How I read it? Either he lost interest or got a better offer. I did respond politely but I don't expect to hear from him again.  I was also a tiny bit relieved because, what if we had hit it off and what if the other guy came back from his trip and wanted to see me and what if somehow I were torn between these two men? What if...I never hear from either one of them again? Oh, that.

Anyway, the original date plan was to meet for a drink at the bar near my place. I thought, well, I'll just go there and have a drink by myself. And I did. And a random dude chatted me up, got my email, and sent me a "nice to meet you" message that very night. The only problem is that I didn't find the random dude interesting at all.  He was kind of odd, I didn't find him attractive, and now I have an email sitting unanswered in my inbox and I'm not sure what to do about it. Le sigh.

Grateful for:  getting out of the house.

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