Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Dear readers, I apologize for leaving you in suspense for so long after my last entry.  The long and the short of it is that I arranged to meet the fellow who asked me about "shared" massage but I told him I couldn't make a long evening of it. He wrote to say that it sounded like I was rushed and we should make other arrangements. Before I had a chance to reply, he wrote again saying he sensed I was hesitant and that we should cancel. 

He let me off the hook, for which I am grateful, since of course I was hesitant! Heck, I actually told him his request "weirded me out" but I was still willing to have a cup of coffee with him (silly me). Anyway, clearly this was a bullet dodged.

The other fellow, to whom I wrote an essay, wrote to me the next day. We emailed a little, IM'd a little, and then it just stopped. Oh well.

A variety of other contacts have been made, dropped, made again, etc. I did have one date since I last wrote. I had fun but no future plans were made.  

More importantly, I am leaving for Iceland on Friday! Expect more silence. I am going to try and get my act together and post some pictures when I get back (maybe even while I'm there, but I wouldn't count on it).

Perhaps even more importantly, I've been exercising regularly since...August 20. Why that day? I have no idea, but that's when I started and every day since then I've done at least 30 minutes of (moderately) rigorous cardio exercise (with one exception--but that day I worked up quite a sweat carrying things up and down the basement steps and completely reorganizing the space). I'm alternating running* and biking. I ride my bike to work every day and on the bike days, I add a long loop to the ride home, extending my 2.5 mile ride to about 9 or 10 (depending on the exact route).  I haven't been to the gym yet, but as the days start getting shorter, I may try and add in some strength training. I wanted to start with cardio, though, because I don't have the stamina and endurance I'd like. Flag football begins in about ten days--so my timing is perfect. Now, flag footbal doesn't require a ton of stamina (my baseline is sufficient), but I figure I'll do better and possibly get more playing time if I can move around a little more quickly. Though, honestly, even at my fitness peak, I was never quick. But, it sure can't hurt, and I'll be way less likely to injure myself if I'm in better condition. (Or maybe more likely if I play more??) Anyway, I don't know what's gotten into me, but I'm happy to be tired and hungry most of the time. 

*I'm not really running, it's more like jogging, and I'm doing one of those "couch to five k" programs. I kind of hate running but it's super portable and about the best thing you can do for endurance. I may be tired after a ten mile bike ride, but I know I could go 20 miles and barely be sore the next day. However, I can't run a mile without stopping (well, I haven't tried yet).  I also find that I quite enjoy running outdoors and I can actually drag myself out of bed to do it, though I tend to be late to work. Still worth it.  So, I have a two pronged strategy, which is to raise general fitness through "running" and work on bike stamina through the ten mile rides. On the bike, I'm really conditioning my butt and hands/wrists, which is where I feel pain after very long rides. On the weekends, eventually, I'll start doing longer bike rides. I've always enjoyed the bike and I want to get back to the longer rides, without hurting.  I also want a new bike. 

Grateful for: finding a plan that works.


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