Wednesday, August 08, 2012


I've always thought of myself as a story teller. It's how I communicate. These days, a lot of the podcasts I like are story-based--the venerable "This American Life" (more straight reportage), "The Moth, "Snap Judgment." Even the ones that are more "newsy" have a strong narrative line. Listening to all these amateur (and professional) story tellers makes me think I should participate somehow in one of those story telling nights that pop up from time to time.  I know I'd blow the time limit, and, I always draw a blank on what story would be good to tell. The other day, I started making a list of little story snippets. I know I can tell them here but I don't know if historical story telling would be of much interest. I started to write a story years ago called "Boyfriends" (guess what it's about), but stalled out. The blog has definitely substituted for some of that. 

Today I was in a hellishly long meeting and I continued making my story list. I think I've put some of these on the blog. Here is the list so far: 

  • Crawligator story (on the blog somewhere)
  • My-ami? Your-ami! (Play on "Miami")
  • Not getting stitches after falling in gravel
  • Ricky, my fiance when I was 5 (definitely on the blog)
  • How my third grade teacher tortured me
  • Meeting my best friend to walk to school
  • My first boyfriend, John
  • My other first "boyfriend," Bruce
  • The missionary who tried to convert me on the corner by school (4th grade)
  • The time I went to a Baptist revival and foreswore Jesus
  • Why I gave up acting
  • The time someone who hated high school tried to convince me I should go to high school
  • Getting called to the principal's office in 4th grade
  • My fourth grade teacher's attempts to comfort me/how her attempts to discipline the class backfired
  • Arguing with my fifth grade teacher about how to pronounce "February" and eye rolling
  • Protesting the transfer to my sixth grade teacher's class
  • I wasn't lying to my mother about being the only one paying attention at Sunday school
  • My dad types a college paper for me to fulfill and incomplete
  • My mom freaks out because I'm staying out too late, but Mike was always walking me home

Of course, I'm only scratching the surface. These stories only get me to about age 15 and there are many more from my childhood that I haven't listed. Some of these are very long, some take only a few minutes to tell. What to do with it all? I haven't even included the story of my family! 

Grateful for: lots to tell.

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