Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Let me share some frustration...

Today, I decided to drive to work. I don't know why. On the way, a big white cargo van careened into my lane from the right and forced me to give way. I was sure he'd have hit me otherwise. But guess what? He had one of those "how am I driving" stickers on his van and I called the number and reported him. So there!

Next, a fellow contacted me on the free dating site this weekend. I had no recollection of him, but about a year ago, we had a long IM conversation. I couldn't remember my gut feeling at the time, but I skimmed the "transcript" and the conversation seemed friendly and mildly interesting. He apologized for not pulling the trigger before, but now he wanted to ask me out. I said yes--why not? It was flattering that he remembered me and a date sounded good. He wanted to meet on Sunday, but that wasn't good for me. I suggested Monday. He said yes--but within a day, he apologized and said Monday wouldn't work, what about Thursday or Friday? I have plans on Thursday, so I said Friday was good. All of this back and forth gave me a bad feeling, and my gut said: this is never going to happen. Guess what? I was right. Today (Tuesday), I got a message from him:

I'm thinking about how we're meeting Friday, and that really I'm just interested in a short term relationship, and I don't think that's even a good idea since part of me knows it won't lead anywhere. I'm really sorry about that and it's totally unfair of me, and you're a nice person. Can we agree to break off Friday and kindly terms (as much as two veritable strangers can)?

My initial reaction was, "Fuck you." I sort of wish I'd just written that and sent it off. I mean, really. Just don't. Don't do this stupid shit and expect me to think you're a "nice guy" or whatever. I don't need you to tell me what kind of person I am--as you point out, we're strangers.  My response, probably ill considered:

You suggested Friday. I suggested Monday, which you rejected. If Friday was unacceptable due to "date night" connotations, then you shouldn't have offered it. How can you say you're interested in a "short term relationship" and then say it's a bad idea because you know it won't go anywhere? By definition, they don't, now do they? I am not kindly disposed towards you at the moment, but your cancellation isn't surprising in the least. Rest assured, I'll go back to forgetting all about you.

Sometimes I really hate people.  Oh, and we never talked about "relationships," though he is much younger than me (10+ years). In those situations, I sort of go in assuming nothing. Well, I generally try and go in assuming nothing. More fun that way--fewer disappointments.

Other than that, I keep mulling the job offer over and I have no idea what to do about it.  

Back to annoying old work--bascially we have no supervisor this week, which is awesome. Also, getting all the work done on my house this week. Things are in a bit of disarray at the moment but by Wednesday, everything should be done and dusted. Wait...make that Thursday. The drywall/painting contractor wanted $515 to hang two cabinets. Um, NO. Will be getting a handyman or friend to help with that job!

Grateful for: common sense.

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  1. my wonder is why can;t you people stop thos jasckasses be stpopped their fword it it is a stupid wordI thought it was one of the rules etc in an agreement we had . i guess someone rejected them and could not help help they were rejected pathetic


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