Friday, August 17, 2012


A couple of years ago my good friend, Pele, and I were going to go to what I will call the "chocolate restaurant" for restaurant week. For some reason, it didn't work out. Another time, we were going to go there for Sunday brunch--but they only offer brunch on Saturday. At least one other time we planned to go and it didn't happen. I was sure we would never eat at the chocolate restaurant.

Last week, I emailed Pele about getting together. Turns out she was just about to write to me--she'd made reservations for us at the chocolate restaurant for this year's restaurant week some time ago and simply forgot to tell me. She was apologetic, I was amused (and flattered). We were set to go.

On the appointed day, I was riding the bus to the restaurant and Pele called. She was still at her off and had suffered a wardrobe malfunction so catastrophic that she had to go home and change. I was stunned--speechless even--which I knew was ridiculous. Pele said she would call the restaurant and see if they could push our reservation. She did and they did. I felt a little bad about the whole thing. I texted and told her we could cancel and she shouldn't make herself crazy. She called again and said traffic wasn't bad, her husband would meet her at the door with needed clothing item, and she would turn around and come right back to the city. Pele was only about ten minutes late for the new reservation time and we were seated with no problem. We had a good dinner.

After dinner, Pele drove me home. We sat in the car talking for a long time, like we used to do. We talked about a mutual friend who is always there for her most needy friends, but a little less so for those without major problems. This led me to declare: "[Pele]--I really NEEDED you to go to the Chocolate Restaurant with me. I needed it!"

We both started laughing. She said. "I know! I thought we were never going to go to that damn restaurant. When you texted, I thought, 'oh no, we're going. We're GOING to the chocolate restaurant'!"

"I thought we were doomed to never go there." We sat in silence for a second. I said, "But I never need to eat there again."

Pele said, "I agree."

Grateful for: friends who are there when I need them.

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