Monday, July 23, 2012


I got busy and didn't blog last week. Then I was so amazingly lazy this weekend, I didn't blog.  And today, I didn't feel well, so I decided to work from home. Time to blog!

Admittedly, I'm not working like crazy. I have done some work, read some emails, and done some thinking. Thinking is really hard to do at the office.  While I wouldn't say I'm lost in deep thought, I need some uninterrupted time to mull things over.

I am not terribly busy, but somehow I feel overwhelmed. I have a lot of personal things pending:

  • schedule a time for the contractors come and fix the hole in my wall (including repainting the entire living room and bathroom)
  • hang a small Turkish rug (I have a plan, but it involves getting supplies and sewing)
  • make a vet appointment for the cat
  • finishing re-doing my photo album

I also have a bunch of social things this week:

  • trivia
  • knitting
  • volunteering

What I am doing (when not working):

  • knitting
  • watching tv

(Ok, also laundry, meeting friends, running errands, taking walks.)

I'm tired already. I think I need to just go down this list and take it on one thing at a time.

The repair work to my house is not that big a deal but one friend strongly encouraged me to change the color of the paint in my living room.  It's not important to me and my friend doesn't live here. Yet, I'm all stressed out! I have to go get paint samples, test them out, see how they look, make up my mind...I can't even get past step one: get paint samples. What is wrong with me? Sigh.

Grateful for: resources.

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