Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It's kind of sad that this dating blog doesn't discuss dating (due to a combination of a lack of dates and a lack of interesting stories about those dates). Let me take a second to discuss that parenthetical--in recent years, my life has been more focused on work than in the past. That's part of the reason for fewer dates. Second, I think I'm actually doing a marginally better job picking my dates because they rarely explode into amusing/horrifying stories. Rather, the most recent dates I've been on were just boring (with one possible exception--more on that later). Anyway, that's a prelude to a bizarre email I received today.

I still get the occasional solicitation email, the request to link, or the offer to guest post (in return for links). Since my site isn't well visited these days, I wonder how they come to find me, but they do.

What I got today was this, "Grateful Dating wins dating information award." Well, there is so much wrong with that subject line, I don't even know where to start. Even odder was that the site that granted me this award has a medical association (turns out to be an on-line pharmacy--specializing in ED products and birth control--not the worst business model!). Also, I'm only number 19 out of 24 "winners." I clicked through to see what it said and see the other "awardees." It was strange mix of dating sites, advice sites, and a couple of personal blogs.  I won't reproduce the entire blurb, which was reasonably accurate though it did characterize me as someone engaged in a, "never-ending search to find that special someone." It also describes this as "a blog that reveals the woes of a woman struggling to find a man to share her life with." I'm not going to deny that this is true to some extent, but, c'mon. This blog also reveals the woes of a woman struggling with the worst boss ever! 

My favorite quote, though, is the last line of the summary, "Men could find this an enlightening read." Read up, menz!

Also, their copyediting is for crap.

Grateful for: recognition.

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