Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I've tried to read Ulysses (James Joyce version) a couple of times and once seriously. I couldn't get past the first 200 pages, but as an English major, this failure pains me.  I want to read this book, unpleasant though it may be. Following up on something my brother told me about, I'm going to try to read it via email. There is a website that will email you a few pages a day. It might work. We'll see.

Reading this book will be my only New Year's resolution. As a rule, I don't make resolutions. I don't really understand them or the arbitrary start of the year nature of them. The only resolution-like thing I do is at Yom Kippur, when I resolve to try and be a better person. Hey, if you don't at first succeed...

I am not writing about the things that are really stressing me out. (Take two guesses, both will be right.) So I will end now and say, I've read the first two installments of Ulysses and I think I can do it.

Grateful for: a project.

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