Friday, January 06, 2012


I don't think I overdid it with the yoga yesterday, but I am a tiny bit sore. I'm enforcing a yoga rest day today.  I will walk home from work (it's so warm!) and that will help with the soreness and keeping in motion. Tomorrow, I will try for a mid-day hike. I have an errand to run that's taking me near a big park with a trail I've used for biking. Why not use it for hiking? I want to go hiking more, maybe with groups, but I'm not sure I'm up for an 8 mile hike. I know I could do 4-5 miles easy, but beyond that I'd need to test my footwear and clothing.  In the Spring, I did this scavenger hunt thing, and while the walking around was tiring, it wasn't impossible. The real problem was that my shoes really hurt my big toes and my pants were chaffy.  Before an 8 mile round trip, I'd like to test the gear.

And...I really don't want to read my Ulysses installment today. Let me go do that right now. Ok, done! I did an extra installment, to make up for no reading over the weekend. It's kind of like poetry with the rhythm and flow of the words, but it's nothing at all like the way my thoughts go. I wonder--did Joyce actually think this way? Is it an accurate representation of his own "stream of consciousness"? Geez, that would be very unpleasant!

My weekend is wide open and I'm going to enjoy and relax. I'll do some grocery shopping, take my hike, maybe clean the bathroom. I'll finish up a couple of lingering knitting projects. Maybe I'll see Pele on Sunday. I'll be very happy to be away from the office. It works.

Grateful for: calm.

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