Saturday, May 19, 2012


Apparently, I only write when I travel and not always then. While I'm overall pleased with my work, I'm not happy with the ridiculous amount of work travel I have to do. For example, it's 8am on Saturday and I'm sitting at Union Station waiting for a train to take me to the airport. The week didn't end, I'm just going straight through. Boo.

This is my own fault, really. I was in charge planning these meetings. I agreed to a meeting on a Sunday in the middle of nowhere Louisiana. What was I thinking?

The upside is that I'm spending tonight in New Orleans with a couple of members of my team who I really like. We're going to drink and have a good dinner. Sunday we're driving to nowhere.

I have a few hours on my own this afternoon. I'll take a long walk and maybe a nap before going out with my friends. Now it's time to get happy.

Grateful for: opportunities.

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